Welcome To My Blog

My name is Brian, welcome to my blog.
My blog is mainly about electric bikes and scooters,…
I love bicycles because cycling helps me mentally, physically and gives me many new adventures. That’s why I own many different types of bicycles, so I have a lot of experience, from which I have a rich knowledge of electric bicycles.
From my own experience, hope to help you better understand the types of electric bicycles on the market. Join me in today’s electric bike trend!!!

How do I rate an e-bike?


Based on your own understanding. I will research e-bike manufacturers and each type of bike they sell on the market. From there, understand the design, structure, and specifications of each vehicle


Based on my own experience with electric bicycles and those in the electric bike enthusiasts association. From there I will evaluate the car based on the indicators that I set


I will make a list of electric vehicle products with the same needs and uses. After that, it will be classified according to the scale to know the rating of each car model

Pros & Cons

I will point out the advantages and disadvantages in detail for you to have an objective view of the model. Combined with my personal experience, I will provide you with recommendations tailored to your needs.

Best Electric Bike By Type

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